salam to All.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

autumn light

may be,
i was fortunate enough to be here,
as the summer was ending, the colour of autumn is beginning to peak,
from every corner of the park,the garden, balmy days
with just a little nip in the air to remind me that winter is just around the corner.
Then i remember you. The sharp pain begin to slash through my heart again. I still miss him, badly at times.
When the gentle rain falling so quietly all over the hills, soaking into the ground to bring out the new life, and its hard for me to accept that, I never going to see him again, hear his laugh, or grinning at his half crook smile....its like trying to imagine the spring without the sound of birds, or a field without colourful daffodils.
Here i am, alone in the strange country.
Scotland, September 16,'94.

When i hear the wind blow,
all across the Kepplestone High,
Is it you i hear calling?
oh sweet dear of mine,
When i look to the west,
all across the River of Dee,
I can still see your smile,
oh greatest love of mine,
When the leaves have turn to brown,
and autumn's due,
as i watch the sun goes down,
I'll still think of you.
And when i see the first leave falls,
along the way,
On Ceaton Park to roads of Tillydrone,
sure its you i hear a whisper,
lullaby of the lifetime,
oh sweet sweet love of mine.
                                                                                         September '95.
                                                                                    Kepplestone. Aberdeen.