salam to All.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

whisper of the autumn breeze,.....

 When i hear the wind blow,
all across the Kepplestone High,
Is it you i hear calling?
oh sweet dear of mine, 
 When i look to the west,
all across the River of Dee,
I can still see your smile,
oh greatest love of mine, 
 When the leaves have turn to brown,
and autumn's due,
as i watch the sun goes down,
I'll still think of you. 
 And when i see the first leave falls,
along the way,
On Ceaton Park to roads of Tillydrone,
sure its you i hear a whisper,
lullaby of the lifetime,
oh sweet sweet love of mine.

September '95.Kepplestone. Aberdeen.

September...autumn in my soul.

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