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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

hi hi hi

Sooooo sorry my dearest viewers, i'm a bit tight at the moment to post anything new. You can still reach me at my facebook page here . I'm in the process of starting my small 'Art' trading from home kind of thing, searching for materials and time to provide enough sampling to put up on my page. Later i might load some here as well.
On the good side, i found a few great fabrics on sales just around the corner, (here near my office block) and cant wait to have my hands on a Wall Art Project Soon! The handmade/customised cards and product labels are quiet fun to do too. Ok wish me Luck! Will join youall later!

Sambil mencari Idea, best jugak sambil minum kopi dan makan donuts! he heee...pernah Try buat Donut bentuk Love? No, dont try, its hard to maintain the love shape tends to wobble and lost its shape during frying. Unless we prepare the doh a bit hard (which mean the donuts also will turn a bit dry..) ...kalau nak yang gebu, lembut dan sedap, round normal shape is still the best option. ;))

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