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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kids In the House II

Salam maulidur Rasul buat semua teman-teman Maya.
Semuga kita mengambil langkah langkah untuk semakin mendekatkan diri dengan Rasulullah.

Day 3: Fun with Colour Clay.

We do have a few boxes of colour clay around the house. The very limited choice of colour actually, just purple, red and moss green. When the kids start playing and mixed, ponding, shaping  them into various forms, all the colours become greenish grey...quite dull actually.
But who cares? ;D  we did have a lot of fun rolling the clay on the floor, and wrapped them around a few favourite figurines. . . 
This is the only brand of non toxic clay around my place.

haunted castle and Pinocchio..

Even the Barbi has the New Dress! ;)

lost their way..coming out from the enchanted woods, 'Enid Blyton's"
Wrapping the strings of play doh around a few figures...and recreate our own version of the lost Mummy! 
My kids love them!!!  

Try with your kids guys...;))
Have Fun!

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