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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Strange Encounter

(pardon the broken English.)

And they called it Macro too...
Its been a while since my last Macro Outing, by myself, of course, and just around my neighbourhood, my Old neighbourhood to be exact. Since i moved to this new area, i lost my enthusiast  of bugs hunting. May be i should upgrade my lens, diverging into a new style of photography , may be.... 

Once i had this dream...of seeing a totally new world through my lens. A magical world, like the childhood dreams of the tiny winni people. fairies,  leprechaun and such. The Strange Fantastic world, Unseen under our naked eyes. But it wasn't a dream after all.
The morning walk uphill behind my old house was my favourite place for macro outing. The Hill located at the edge of Taman Setia and Taman Harmonis, Gombak. i did tell you about the mysterious house on top before, did i not?

'what are you looking at?' Glared the red eye  female at me. Stunt, i instantly jerked away from my lens. My heart beat thumbed faster like a samba drums during the hot wild dancing festival in Rio. Thomb! thomb! thomb! Rio? i have never been to the Place, why should Rio flashed through my mind at that moment?...
'what was that?' i tried to swallow the big goose bump that suddenly appeared in my throat, it wasn't there before. 
i took a deep breath. Longggg Inhales, exhales. Fuhhh.
Reluctantly, slowly i peeped through the lens again. Curiosity was taking over my fear.

"Hey!" Yelled the red eye again. 'you can see me right?' i just guessing she actually yelled by her expression. In my ears, the voice was quiet soft, like the early summer evening wind. Her small body modestly clad by some sort of green velvet, some kind of leaf maybe.
'Yes'. i whisper back. Afraid that she might ran away if i used our normal tone. Almost certain that her small delicate pointed ears cannot bear the high pitch of a human being's voice.
i looked around her. My initial intention of searching for a tiny fruit flies were forgotten. I saw debris of dried leaf. brown and wet. The grass roots which were enlarged almost 5 times spread and entwined around her forming a cave like structure. Then she pointed to the little cave. I noticed her tiny long dirty finger nail at once.

I struggled hard to focus on the spot she pointed. Slowly cursing under my breath for the big aperture, few mm is a very big different in this tiny world. There, something caught my eyes. Something blue and shiny. I had to blink my eyes a few times,  and a little pain creeping up my neck as well. i almost hold my breath altogether, afraid i might blew everything away.
I wished i had the extension tube with me. At least i can double my view. But of course i afraid even to move away from the lens, afraid she and this tiny world will just disappeared, banished. Uncomfortable posture, but i was determined to hold on.

What was that? and Who are you? I asked, convincing myself that I was not day dream about the whole thing. I bitted the corner of my lower lip and  the pain was quite real to me.
'i'm Kruxie, and that is  my throne". She said flatly.
I refocus to the tiny bluish thing again, carefully this time. I can see the intricate gold pattern around the blue stone. Blue sapphire? or maybe diamond?
"And i want you to keep it for me" She looked at me again. Her eyes almost begging. 
"why?" My voice sounds strange in my own ears.
"Our region was invaded by the enemy, i am the next crowned princess, and if they had it, my region will be forever banished, they already captured my farther. Please help." her voice became so soft, i barely heard her last word.
i had to strain my eyes and ears to stay in the conversation and view. The itchy arms and mosquitoes bite were not helping at all. i need to act fast, but how? the so called Crown was so small, i can't use my finger to grab it for my finger in this view looks like a giant's thumb!

The husky voice behind startled me. i turned around to meet two pairs of curious eyes of a policemen. 
"waalaikummuassalam i tried my best to smile. i must be too engrossed in my thing to hear their motorcycle's engine . 
"what are you doing?" Asked one of them.
"Taking pictures" me smiling again.
"Pictures of what?" ishhh too many questions, i need to get back to the princess. Praying hard she won't ran away now.
"nothing,Just a few wild bugs.."  answered me in a light voice. At the same time reaching for my itchy arms. "Is there any problem?" me pretending to be friendly.
"Nope, just a normal routine "  a stern answered. They then continued their riding down the hill. "tak takut ker?"  the second man asked with a crooked smile and waved. I waved back. Scared..of what? i glimpsed toward the old green empty house nearby. The cold winds suddenly whisked through me. I shivered, shrugged and turned back to my old Nikon, peeping through the viewfinder again. All i can see was the green grass, and wilted brown leaves around, some dried dandelions magnified in sizes, but no red eye Princess. 
I search the area franticly with the best 90mm f2.8 can do, Nothing, everything looks normal.
I sat there scratching my un itchy head. i was not hallucinating...was i?

My lil One loves to tag along during morning outing or waiting for sun set. At the corner is the green old house.
The Green Garden Spider. Found it twice on the foot of the hill.

Lady bird,The most common bug, i can find her almost on every visit uphill

Face to Face with the Tortoise Beetle, The beautiful encounter

Giraffe Weevil, Cute lil bug.

The cricket's baby. Cutie red, but not the princess...;)

Shield bug, easy to find around the hill.

Enough for now, i got tons of bugs images in my ugly archive, maybe one day i should load it here. ;))

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